Hello and Almost Au Revoir

Exciting times ! The last 15 years have been a blast and I have met some awesome people along the way. However, the time has come to retire and focus on all the other things I want to do.
All of my stock has been brought in from the Galleries and a lot you will not have seen, as I always had separate Studio Stock and Website stock.
This is a genuine half price sale and as you know I only make one of anything (with the exception of some earrings) so grab it whilst it’s there.
Because of an issue with postal costs I have had to disable sales outside of the UK but I may be able to find a way around this so email me and let me see how I can help.
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meraki (n)the soul,creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work

Inspired by the landscape and the colours of nature, Chris Linacre weaves them into her original beadwork and batik. As a beader, Chris originally worked solely with Gemstone beads but found the palette and shapes offered by Czech Glass beads allowed her more creative possibilities. Each piece is hand stitched or worked on a loom one bead at a time. Her signature garland necklace contains over 2000 beads. Chris also works in collaboration with Lampwork Artists and incorporates their unique beads in her work. This results in striking sculptural pieces of jewellery.

Her landscape batik work, inspired by memories of landscapes is always produced on recycled linen or cotton sourced from local charity shops . Each layer of colour is slowly built up to achieve the depth of perspective and a piece can take over a month to produce. Each piece is then professionally photographed and offered for sale as certificated Limited Edition prints.

Chris has exhibited widely around Yorkshire and has  been Artist in Residence at Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire several times.

All her work is designed and created by Chris in beautiful Dorset

07780 728060