Who will be my Valentine?

Applications are now being received
You must have the following needs, desires and qualities

  • Can laugh in the face of adversity
  • have a wicked smile
  • have a beautiful smile
  • must smile daily
  • (in fact a range of smiles to suit all purposes is required)
  • plays board games not bored games
  • love music
  • charming and witty and of course intelligent
  • chooses words wisely and frequently
  • (overtime may be required on occasions for long evenings of debate)
  • be honest, open and truthful
  • share PJ and duvet days
  • collectively seek and find shells and pebbles of interest
  • admire the sunrise
  • celebrate the sunset
  • embrace life
  • have a dream conducive to mine
  • can pick the highest blackberries
  • enjoy shared cooking
  • come to the theatre with me
  • view fine art
  • admire the magnitude and minutiae of this universe we share
  • remember to pluck that stray hair on my back
  • never remind me I’m due a waxing
  • hold me tight
  • hug me long
  • snuggle me safe
  • ravish and cherish me
  • tell me I am beautiful
  • have strong knees for the day you get down on one
  • pick me flowers
  • sing to me
  • choose me first to be on your team
  • check I still like butter
  • be prepared to grow old gracefully and of course disgracefully with me
  • hold my hand
  • cherish my spirit

All applications to be received by Valentine’s Day
PS Not for the faint hearted
PPS This job description may be added to by mutual consent

© Christine Rose Linacre February 7 2012