Well I’ll go to Hummer!

Don’t ask me where Hummer is though. “I’ll go to hummer” is one of the many sayings which are now dying out. My Grandad had a massive repertoire of such sayings but it seems I can only bring them to mind when the time is apt. And this morning was very apt! I had a postcard through the letter box today inviting me to an Open Day at our local Sewerage Depot haha. I don’t half know how to live lol.
I have always been fascinated by language and when I did my first degree I majored in Socio Linguistics, which is a gobful I agree. It is the study of language as it is used, so covers accents, dialects etc. I can hear my friend Caz taking a sharp intake of breath saying “There she goes with her throw away comments” This is a link to Caz’s website. We have been friends a number of years now and accuses me of throwing in significant parts of my earlier life as one liners. So I intend to ramble on about linguistics lol.
The words people use in their everyday life speak volumes to me. Let me give you a small example and check this out for yourself. First of all let me remind you all what pronouns are. They are the words like I, you, he, she they etc. Now when you are in a group setting like at work for example, just listen to the pronouns used. The I type are the ones who don’t want to play ball and tend to be full of their own needs and wants whereas the ones that use We are the team players.
So how about a linguistic joke? Now you have to understand the Yorkshire dialect to get this joke but let me just say we hardly ever say the (so we go to shop not to the shop) and often say thee and tha. So one day Pete, who’s a southerner says to me “Where’s the bin” (say it quickly) so I turned to him and said “I haven’t been anywhere” and promptly fell about laughing. Ok I agree, not as good as the Marx brothers I guess you had to be there.
Moving on to the home front I still haven’t got everything tidied up . I so want it all to be in order but actually achieving it is so difficult. I spent an hour upstairs in my new workroom today and whilst it’s getting there I am tempted to just get stuck into some work – it seems ages since I created anything. I made some earrings the other day but these don’t count as creativity.

I still haven’t got around to adding them to the site though.
I got a bead loom yesterday and fancy having a go with it but need to wait for a supply of seed beads – hopefully they will be here tomorrow. I have some but not enough colours to do what’s in my mind. I’ve also had an idea for a seed bead necklace and think I will tackle that first – it will be so me haha.
Now that I have my new specs threading is easier – I got varifocals and am used to them now but also got a pair of readers for when I’m working. Old habits die hard though don’t they? I still want to peep over the rims and every time I stand up I am tempted to take my specs off.
Right my coffee break is over so off to do other stuff. I’m just glad I took the dogs out this morning ‘cos its seiling down here 😉