Twin Sets and Pearls

I know it has been ages since my last post mainly because I have not felt at all inspired to create or basically do anything much at all. I suppose I could blame my health but would that just be an excuse for my apathy or does apathy feed our lower levels of well being? Hmm chicken and egg scenario methinks!
Tomorrow there is an Open Day at Swinton Lock, so I have had to get myself motivated and make some new stuff. I decided to focus on Pearls but not Pearls as our Mothers and Grandmothers would have known them.

The idea tomorrow is to work and chat to people so I plan to take a new project in with me – but I will have to get it started tonight because until I get started with it I am not sure if it’s possible to achieve what I plan.
Next month is the 50th anniversary of my Mam’s passing – half a century my goodness what a long time that is. The thought struck me this week that even my daughter is older than Mam got to be. I am waiting to be inspired of how to recognise and acknowledge it and do something which can celebrate her short life. When we reached her 40th anniversary I began the Family Tree research and I have an idea of incorporating all the skills I learned from my family to create a new collection of Jewellery and name the pieces after my ancestors. With names like Jennie, Sally and Esther they may not be the most exotic sounding but each piece will be made with love and remembrance. Hmm maybe I have been inspired already!