Thoughts on Healing

Harry Edwards

I have been up since 5:30 and awake since goodness knows when. The pain in my joints is unbearable and I feel as if I have been kicked by the proverbial donkey. I console myself with the thoughts that my healing continues as this pain will dissipate through the day. I also marvel at how much more mobility I have now, compared to say 3 years ago when I was managing around 350 steps a day – I know this number because I used a Step Counter one day- it shocked me into pushing myself further each day and taking more responsibilty for my own healing.
It also mad
e me take stock of my future and at the time I had the idea that time and the inevitable ageing process would lead to even more restrictions and pain. But something changed within my thinking. I thought of all the pioneers of Healing who had been instrumental in seemingly miraculous recoveries and sent my thoughts out to Harry Edwards who is recognised as the leading light of Spiritual Healing in the UK. I also considered how my body had created these conditions and speculated that if my body can make all these things happen then maybe it can undo the changes. Are you bored yet lol?
So l
et me share the specifics so you know what I am referring to. I have/had a right leg which was an inch shorter than the left, damage to 3 vertebrae , 2 discs which had herniated so many times since my early 20’s, curvature of the spine and arthritis affecting all my joints.
Now as a R
eiki Master I had been practicing Self Healing for years but I was totally surprised and shocked at an event which happened in May 2007. I was in bed one night and my right leg went into spasms followed by horrific pain as it felt as if my leg was being ripped from my hip socket. It lasted a short while but the pain persisted for a few hours. The next morning I got out of bed and immediately knew that some radical change had occurred. My right shoes all had an additional inch lift on the heel , tapering down to half an inch under the sole and I had to wear them all the time as to not have the lift was unbearable. But this morning as I stood I thought “My goodness I am level!” I slipped my shoes on and knew the change had happened. I had to take them off and walked bare footed for the rest of the day. As the days went by it was apparent to me that my leg had indeed grown – barefoot I felt level – with shoes it was like having one shoe on and one shoe off ( a total reversal for my norm).
I mad
e an appointment at the hospital as it was important that I had this medically confirmed as I didn’t want to just abandon my prescribed shoes and to be honest I don’t think I quite believed it myself. When I explained why I was there I was told there was no way my leg could have grown and it was suggested that deterioration in my pelvis would have tipped me, giving the illusion of being level. However, after doing all the measurements he had to concur that the leg had indeed grown and that there was no physiological reason why it had. I just smiled and said “So it’s magic uh?”.
I l
eft the hospital laughing and crying at the same time – not only was it a sign that I was healing but it also meant that I could buy any shoes!! After so many years of being restricted to having shoes which were fixable my purhase that day was a pair of sparkly silver sandals and red nail varnish for my toes . At times I still don’t quite believe it all but was reminded of the shoes recently when I saw an old picture of me and Sue (aka Ethelreal and Daphne) clearly showing the slab under my right shoe.

Well now I have shared all that with you I can get to the point of this post. Harry Edwards set up a Healing Sanctuary which persists to this day. I am registered with the Sanctuary as a participant in The Healing Minute- at 10am and 10pm healers around the world sit for 1 minute and send healing to those in need. When I received the latest Magazine I was worried to see that there are concerns about its sustainability so this is an appeal for anyone who would wish to support the future of the Sanctuary. I also wish to record that this morning I aslo requested healing for myself from the army of healers who work for the Sanctuary so a big thank you to you all.

The wish for healing has always been half of health.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca