The visit to Aberfan is planned

Now Green is Their Valley

You will remember that I made a batik for Coastival 2017 which was part of the project devised by Helen Birmingham of Untangled Threads. I started Now Green is Their Valley in August 2016  and it was in the Maps Exhibition at the Studio Gallery in Scarborough.

I always intended it to be presented to the Wives of Aberfan and I have since made contact with them and will be there 11th – 15th September. I am at a loss to describe how I feel about my visit as I can’t think of the appropriate adjectives. My connection is linked to my  reaction as the news unfolded almost 51 years ago now, and probably tinged with that first hand experience of knowing how it feels to lose a loved one in tragic circumstances – two weeks before my 4th birthday I was in the accident which resulted in the death of my Mam.

But it is also linked to the amazing tenacity of people who rebuilt  their lives and put their energy into moving forward in a  positive way. This is what struck me when I watched The Aberfan Young Wives’ Club which was aired on ITV on Wednesday 12th October 2016. It will be an absolute honour to meet them and present Now Green is Their Valley .  I do have another surprise up my sleeve and we are going to get down and get creative but that’s a secret so don’t tell them !

A number of people have asked how they can support the visit and to this end  I have set up a specific section of my online store with items that have so far only been available in the Studio.  Any purchase you make will help make this trip a possibility. Of course you are welcome to explore the rest of my creations on the website.