The Time is Now #imapiece

I have got involved with a project being managed by The Craftivist Collective .
Their  manifesto is: β€œTo expose the scandal of global poverty, and human rights injustices though the power of craft and public art. This will be done through provocative, non-violent creative actions.”
The current project is aimed at highlighting  and making  people aware of the injustices and poverty in the world in a fun and empowering way. #imapiece asks people to make a fabric jigsaw piece to support   Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger Campaign. Using jigsaw pieces stitched by craftivists that means you, the project will create an art installation to raise awareness of the issues of world hunger and injustice. More information can be found here
Pictured is the piece I plan to send as soon as it’s safe to go outside – I don’t fancy slipping on all that white stuff out there. The fabric is some of my own batik work which I then embroidered with my message- I added a beaded heart based on a design by Lynn Davy and you can find her free tutorial  here .
And to follow up from my previous post I have now raised Β£30 for MIND – and I have plans for more so watch this space or look out for the post πŸ˜‰