Show and Tell Monday

I recently joined a new Forum called Make Mine Pink and this is my first Show and Tell. Now I have to confess I am not very girly although a part of me feels I ought to be if that makes sense. I do however adore Rose Quartz so I thought I would share some of my Rose Quartz Creations with you. I am often asked do gemstones really have special qualities and the scientist in me says “How can we know for sure?” One thing we know for sure is that they have their own unique vibration or resonance and Quartz Crystal is probably our most known for this factor as it is what is used in watches to maintain regular time. Rose Quartz is reputed to be for Love, peace, happiness, gentleness and healing emotional wounds. Even if this only happens on a placebo level I think it’s a beautiful thought. But of course it is also so pretty!

This first picture is of a beautiful large heart of Rose Quartz teamed with Sterling Silver and more Rose Quartz.
It is followed by another heart, this time teamed
with Hematite
The third one is Rose Quartz teamed with
Freshwater Pearls and Amazonite
and finally some sweet Angel earrings