Preparing for the big reveal

south bay

Across South Bay towards the harbour

As many of you already know I am now following the dream in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast. I still have to pinch myself as I go about the usual day to day things- the photo above was taken last weekend at low tide as we walked the dogs- bliss indeed .

I’ve missed having a dedicated workspace and have been looking around for a studio since we moved here and I have finally found the perfect spot and have been working behind the scenes to make that a reality. For now I am not going to reveal much about it because I want to wait until i can take photos to show you how truly amazing it is.

I do however have one of those funny stories to tell you. The studio is small so I need to consider how I utilise that space and decided I wanted some crates to attach to the wall so back in November when I heard that a local Nursery was selling off some crates at a bargain price I was in the car and out there as soon as they opened and duly came home with 6 of them in the car.

The raw materials

The raw materials

Undecided on whether to go for the nautical look given that here I am on the coast, or for a more rustic look i decided rustic was the way to go and a few weeks ago off I popped to get some fence paint to stain them with.   Two hours later my light oak crates were a definite shade of red and not the pale brown I had anticipated.

Not quite Light Oak boxes

Not quite Light Oak boxes

Given that it says “It does what it says on the tin” I felt that it must have been mis-labelled so one phone call later I was back at the shop to get them to check it out- the rest of their stock was the same , so back home I go with the intention of adding some batik dye to bring it more brown.  Another two hours later they were even redder!

Fast forward 2 days and by now I am getting quite bored of the garage but out came the white emulsion ( and another two hours of sloshing paint around)  so circumstances conspired to push me in the direction of the nautical feel- but you are going to have to wait to see them in situ  and you will need to be signed up to my Newsletter to get the big reveal as that’s where I will be announcing it.

PS It would have been cheaper to go and buy crates in the colour I was looking for but there is something very gratifying about being creative – even when it doesn’t go as planned.

PPS I first began negotiations for this on November 5th can you imagine how excited I am and how eager to get in there and get it ship shape (pun intended) ?