New Year Wishes 2009

–Author Unknown

In the coming year, I wish you the clarity of vision to purposefully define your dreams and set your course to reach them.

I wish you the courage to change what must be changed and the wisdom to know what to leave alone.

I wish you the energy and passion to see it through to the end, and enough successes along the way that you never lose hope.

I wish you enough laughter to make the journey enjoyable, enough support and encouragement from family and friends that you’re never lonely along the way, and enough love in your heart that you will always be able to give back to them and to the world.

I wish you a deep inner knowing that you have an important role to play in the grand scheme of life that no one else can fill, and that you may remember to serve others in their needs and encourage them in their dreams, even as you pursue your own needs and dreams.

I wish you enough humility to remain down to earth, even as you soar to ever new heights, and enough gratitude that you never forget your many blessings.

I wish you mountain of confidence so you never think too small, an ocean of possibilities so you always have dreams to make real, a sky full of opportunities so you never feel stuck or lost, and enough challenges to give you a deep sense of satisfaction with your accomplishments.

I wish for you a rainbow after every storm, comfort after every sorrow, inner peace in the midst of any chaos, and a clear conscience so you always sleep well and wake up restored and ready to continue the chase.

I wish you the genuine respect you deserve, the love you need, good health, clear thinking, inspiration, creativity, and beauty in your life.

These are all the things I wish for you, and I mean them as sincerely as I know how . . . but there is a catch—only you can make my wishes come true.

May all I wish for be the least you get.

Happy New Year!