New ideas , New designs

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Czech Glass seed  beads and this is what I have so far- forgive the photos-  I am still working on a spare laptop waiting for mine to be fixed so had to use online software – you can get a better view by clicking on each picture

Shades of blues, pinks and lilacs with glass flower beads

This one is in shades of dark blues, blacks and greys – the first one that I made and it is going to be auctioned on Saturday Night to raise funds for Safe@Last – I will let you know how much it raises
Shades of  green this time with amethyst coloured glass flower beads randomly growing along it
Reds, pinks and lilacs combine for this textured bracelet

Beautiful shades of pinks, lilacs and blues for these funky earrings
Not yet competed a blue pendant – watch this space for when it is finished

A rope necklace waiting to be textured in shades of lavender, lilac and amethyst- once again watch this space 🙂