My Mojo is a GoGo

After months of inactivity feeling like everything I attempt to make is not what people would want to buy I have finally found my mojo and I have been steaming ahead. The current economic climate is hitting everyone and one of my problems I felt was the affordability of my work and I was busy thinkingย  of ways to make things more quickly .

My garland necklaces take over 2000 beads so as you can imagine that is a lot of hours of work. However I have finally kicked the doldrums into touch and my needle is once again flying.
And I have another beader to thank for this . Lynn Davy, beader extraordinaire recently posted a small tutorial on the Craft Pimp Blog for a sweet little beaded heart and I simply had to give it a go.In no time at all I had made 2 bracelets which are currently packed up on my kitchen table waiting to be posted to 2 friends who are having a difficult time . I followed Lynn’s excellent instructions to the letter but then started playing around and came up with these cute earrings and a bracelet.

With my creative juices flowing I decided to have a go at something a little more adventurous and beaded these lovely Rivolis to make a couple of pairs of earrings

and then I just had a eureka moment and went crazy making a selection of bracelets using my all time favourite Czech seed beads

None of these are on my website yet but hopefully by the end of tomorrow they will be. The bracelet and the heart earrings are not for sale but the Rivoli Earrings will be ยฃ18 and the slinky bracelets will be a mere ยฃ15.
Once again thanks Lynn ๐Ÿ™‚