More New Designs

As you can see I have been busy over the holidays and these are just 3 of the things I have made. The top one uses metallic seed beads with quartz crystal chips and Freshwater Pearls, the middle one (which is for me) uses glass seed beads, Lavakite rounds and Aquamarine chips. The bottom one uses glass seed beads, Freshwater Pearls and Amethyst chips – this is a commission for my friend Genny in America but (massive sigh) I have this awful feeling that I will have to redo it as I messed up the clasp and made it too tight!!! In one way it’s a blessing as I plan to rethink how I fasten them off and the new method will be more secure and if in the future the clasp fails it will be a doddle to add a new one.
I have also been busy making a lower priced range which I am selling through Ebid. You can see my items here. If you wish to join Ebid use this link