Impulses and Visions

I have been to the warehouse today to buy more beads and findings and yes, I bought more on impulse than was good for my bank account. It’s going to be a busy week getting some new designs made but I am looking forward to it. Sorry that I can’t show you pictures but the batteries for the camera are dead.
Have you ever done anything on impulse, knowing that it was the right thing for you? I often have but I think the best and biggest example I can offer you is one impulse I acted on back in 1986.
One Wednesday in June we had gone to the local pub for the Quiz night. There was a group of us who met regularly and it was always a fun night. This particular night I got talking to someone called Pat who was a lecturer at the local college. She told me about a 2 year Diploma course offered at High Melton in Doncaster which, with an additional year at University, led to a degree. As soon as she told me about it I just knew I had to get onto this course. The following day I rang the college to ask about admissions for the September intake, to be told that the last interviews were being held on the Friday and that basically I was way too late in applying. Being the persuasive person I am I somehow managed to wangle an interview for the Friday. It took me all morning to get there as I was learning to drive at the time and the bus service to the campus was terrible. However, I wowed the interviewers and was offered a place.
My ex husband thought I was mad and placed before me all the obstacles which I would face, including the issue of transport but I would hear none of his objections. I was confident that there would be someone else from Barnsley attending who could offer me a lift and told him that within the 1st week I would have that solved. And I did!
Despite all the what ifs and maybes I just knew it would all work out and 3 years later, by then a single parent of 2, I gained my BA(Hons) with a healthy 2:1. At the time I was still in denial, trying to pretend I was part of a wider happy family so rang my Dad from a phone box over Woodhead Pass to give him my results.
“Oh I suppose that means you are cleverer than me” was his response. I bit my tongue, counted to ten and replied “I don’t think that was ever in doubt”
Towards the end of last year I had another compelling vision which would involve quite radical changes for us. So far I have done little to make it a reality and for now continue to dream and wonder and plan in my mind how it can come about and what it will look like once it has happened. I hold onto the dream.

Vision – It reaches beyond the thing that is, into the conception of what can be. Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.
Robert Collier