Home Sweet Home

I spent a lovely week at Burton Agnes Hall on the Red Bus Gallery and I am kind of sad to say that I am the last artist to have an exhibition there – during the winter the interior of the bus is being brought back to its former glory and it will be used for special occasions and events. The picture above was my view from the bus, looking towards the gardens- I just had to capture that azure sky which graced us all week.
The Artists in Residence in the Summer House were Madeline Pick and Quentin Budworth . Madeline and I already know each other and it was great to meet Quentin – I think we made a lovely eclectic mix.I hope you can find time to go and look at their work
Daily Affirmation which I feel is so apt …

As I learn to love myself I can feel the love and joy from my own heart flow through my body and radiate out to others