Getting ready for Christmas and beyond

It seems an age since I last blogged and all summer long, as customers joined the newsletter I did warn them I am so lazy at sending them out – but here goes.

You will have noticed some changes to the look and feel of the website. I commissioned Serena Harker  to undertake the shoot  and I am thrilled with what she has achieved – here’s just a few of them.

I have some absolutely gorgeous bargains as part of Totally Locally Scarborough’s Magic Tenner each of these Hematite necklaces are only £10 but I would have to ask for £1.50 postage just for this event- as you know normally postage is free to the UK .

Hematite: Mental attunement, memory, calming, balance, focusing energy and emotions, peace, inner happiness, transforming negativity.

Looking ahead to the New Year, February 17th to 19th  I am running a project as part of Coastival 2017- the Unexpected . This is a chance for you to try your hand at Batik- we will be collectively working on a canvas and once it’s complete it will be cut up into smaller pieces and mounted – the pieces will be for sale at £5, but to take part is free. As you know my Studio is small so there is only space for 2 people at a time to work on the canvas so just in case I get inundated with offers can you let me know asap if you are interested and what day and time would suit you best- I may have to set up a timetable for it. Working with batik is always “unexpected” as you never know quite what you have captured until the wax is ironed off so with many of us working this together I am really excited to see what we create.  To give us a head start, as a blank canvas can be rather daunting I have laid down some wax and a light splash of colour .


The Studio will be open throughout the Winter ( Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 4pm)  but I will be closed from 24th December until 5th January.

I need to sign off now as I have some Christmas fairs to get ready for :