Forward Planning

I am planning events for next year and as part of this process I have to select images which tipify my designs, as selection is based on the images submitted. After some serious consideration I have chosen the 6 following pieces.

Blue textured bracelet
A sculptured bracelet made with Czech seed beads and Czech glass flower beads . I was recently asked if I sketch my designs before I make them and have to confess i don’t – I get a picture in my head and then work out the mechanics of how to create it as I go along.
Multi stone necklace
This necklace is made with a medley of stones and Czech seed beads. The semi precious stones are Agate, Turquoise and Jasper. I love working with shape and form and merging colours together.
Dalmation jasper bracelet
Dalmation Jasper is teamed with Delicas to create this lovely bracelet. The photograph cannot capture the drape of this bracelet which is so slinky.
Lapis lazuli necklace
Another design where I play with colour shape and form. Lapis lazuli form the focal part of this necklace which also uses discs of dyed Howlite and tubes of natural bone.
glass wavy necklace
More Czech Seed beads –  this time a garland entwined around the  central core of the necklace. The garland quivers with movement.
tree agate necklace
and finally simplicity itself! Some beads need nothing more at all and as designers we need to recognise this.
I hope you enjoyed this preview of my work.
I do have one event for next year confirmed already and that is as Artist in Residence at Burton Agnes Hall . I will be there for the 2nd and 3rd week of April and am really looking forward to this- I plan to design a piece based on the Hall and this will be donated for them to sell and raise funds to keep the Hall and gardens  open to the public