Finally bought some Palmstones but….

my trusty Dremel let me down!
I buy Palmstones of different Gemstones and engrave them with the Reiki Symbols and they are generally snapped up before I get them on the website. I managed to make these 3 sets
before the chuck failed on me. They are Kambala Jasper which is found in Africa. They cost £25 including postage – if you are interested get in touch and I can show you any I have made and ready . I placed an order for a new chuck this afternoon so I should be back in action by Tuesday, which is good as I am at the Country Fair at Cusworth Hall on August 17.

Above is my cabinet at Cawthorne Antiques – I can’t decide whether to empty it for the show or leave it all there. I might just take my favourite pieces along – we shall see.
My knee continues to be a problem, restricting what I can do- the most annoying thing is waking around 6am when the pain killers have stopped working. I wish I could sleep in a little longer. I have so much to do!