Credit Crunching Cheerfulness

I’m not sure if you have noticed yet but I am the eternal optimist. Every threat can be percieved as an opportunity,  and so yesterday when I deleted the database which manages my website I thought what a perfect opportunity to totally redesign it.  Of course this thought came to me after some  unpublishable thoughts 🙂
Last week I was given food for thought from a friend, who suggested that given the current climate it may be time to look at making a more economical range of jewellery . My initial thoughts were around how I pride myself on the quality and creativity of my work but then I got to thinking that that need not be a bar to working at a different price range.  So here we have 90 or so pairs of earrings and each one different – to retail at  £4 each – it’s just a pity I deleted my database but if you are interested in buying any pop over to my Facebook page and leave a message on there for me