Creating a Dream

A few of you will be aware of my dream which I have been sitting on for months and months now. Well, the time has come to make it a reality and in preparation for this I have begun the new website for it. Normally I would keep a site under wraps until it was ready to go live but I decided to make it live as I develop it. I don’t even have a logo there yet. Of course there is method in my madness as it starts to get the idea out there, and also gets the site climbing the Google ranks.
There is a new Blog attached to it but I will continue to maintain this one as this one is anything goes and the other will be solely focused on the new business.
Sorry if this is short and sweet but I am feeling rather sorry for myself. I had a bad fall today when my knee gave way- I managed to twist both ankles, graze my elbows and goodness knows whats happened with my knee as it whipped sideways – I never knew they could work sideways! I intend to spend the rest of the weekend with my feet up.
Before I forget this is the link to the new site of Reiki Gallery.
I thought a picture of this Cross Stitch I made for Pete back in 1999 was an appropriate image for this post – I love the words on it.