Busy doing nothing…

Well that’s not exactly true but I do feel as if I have been in a non-achieving mode of late but in terms of getting out and about I have been escaping quite a bit over the last 4 weeks. I went to the Gordon Higginson Fellowship seminar at St Annes on Sea at the end of March. Sue, my friend from Dublin arrived the day before and we had a great time from the minute I collected her from the airport. We called in at Swinton Lock as she wanted to see my display there . I admired a beautiful dichroic glass pendant made by J M Dichroics whilst we were there and Sue bought it for me as a gift .It really is beautiful…. so is Sue but she will blush as she reads this.

Talking of Swinton Lock this is the flyer cover for the Open Up exhibition planned for May. That’s me 2nd from the top on the list – I am thrilled. For anyone on the area please call in and see me to say Hi as I plan to be there over the May Bank Holiday weekend.
At the beginning of April I met up with a group of fellow beaders who are also active on the UK Beaders Forum. We met at Celia’s shop, Jencel in Sheffield and of course I ended up spending. I bought some Swarovski crystals, 2 small pieces of Kyanite and a lovely piece of Kambaba Jasper. So far I have only used the Kyanite but it has spurred me on to source more and I am now waiting for a delivery from China and when it gets here it’s mine all mine haha. Lorna of Pixie Willow Designs was offering freebies of her allegedly scrap beads too – I acquired 3 and I am doing my usual magpie act of just taking them out and admiring them. I will post pics once I have made something with them.
I took a montage picture for the publicity for the Open Up event – I love the way they all look together.

I am looking forward too to setting up the display at Swinton and this time I will try and remember to take pictures. I have finally ordered some “proper” display busts. I say proper because to date I have always used recycled items, mainly charity shop finds.

In terms of making new items I haven’t made much at all apart from some more Spectacle thingamabobs but I haven’t taken pictures yet. My health took a nose dive at St Annes which impacts so profoundly on my energy levels. It is quite depressing after what seems to have been a good run of feeling as if things are improving. I don’t usually bother going to see the GP as it’s usually a matter of a shrug and a kind of It’s to be expected kind of discussion. However I am having an MOT type blood test which will check everything out.

What I feel has also impacted on how I am feeling is the anniversary of my brother’s death and the last month has been a very reflective one for me. As you know I am a medium so I know he goes on but I so miss the physical presence of him. I miss being able to pick up the phone, or go around for coffee and put the world to rights.

I wrote and conducted the service for his funeral and came out of the closet to the wider family regarding my mediumship. My kids know of course and Mark often jokes with me and asks if I have been talking to the dead people again, but interestingly after the service it was the bits which referred to mediumship which people said had given them most comfort. I find it so intriguing that most religions accept there is life after death- attend any Christian funeral for example and the vicar will talk about our loved ones being reunited with those who have gone before. It amazes me that the questions are never asked or explored about what happens at these reunions and of course what have they all been up to in the time since they went and then came to meet and greet the latest recruit. Food for thought eh ?

I am supposed to be getting organised for a trip to Jersey – I leave on Tuesday and come back Saturday. I am meeting up with my friend Francesca and I am really looking forward to it. We have no plans whatsoever apart from what time I arrive and what time we leave. I hope we get good weather but if we don’t it won’t spoil it for us – I am sure we won’t get bored, but she might get fed up of me asking her to talk slower haha.