Blog Walkabouts

A few weeks ago I decided to go off and look at more Blogs and to be honest I had no idea where to start looking for new ones. So I set myself a little challenge and decided I would start off at the Blog that was top on my list of Beady Blogs and follow a link from it, and then follow a link from that one etc. I enjoyed what I found so much I plan to do it perhaps once a month or so.
I spent an evening doing this and really enjoyed what I found. My trail started with Crafted Gems and I was led to Aileen Clarke Crafts post about Rosa Rugosa . It is a beautifully written story of friendship and love.
From Aileen’s Blog I went to Wren’s Nest Cottage and a beautiful evocative post called Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders which brought back so many beautiful thoughts of my Grandad Harry Hutchinson who served in the Great War.
From Wren’s Nest Cottage I found a great article about mosses and ferns on Resurrection Fern. The images are superb and the article is so well written and the Blog is chock full of projects too.
My next leap took me to The Revisited Stash . Sarah is a textile Artist and this blog focuses on using recycled fabrics. I loved the mushroom which “sprouted” on her developing throw.
From there I found Winged Heels which is just so beautiful. Prayers and kind thoughts are needed for the family and her small daughter.
Onwards next to Shadows and Clouds and some beautiful photography and many interesting articles and finally to VintagePretty where you must go and read the post for 4 July titled Je Crois.
All in all I had a great time on my walkabout and plan to add these to a new Bloglist so I can keep track of them. I hope you too enjoyed them and perhaps you might be interested in doing your own Blog Walkabout.
I will update you on life’s events soon – I seem to be in this cocoon of inner peace and calm, despite the fact that the next few months are going to be so busy and exciting. I’m an awful tease aren’t I but I have to do something to tempt you back here 🙂