Beautiful Preciosa Beads

I often show off with my latest creations showing you them on here and on my Facebook profile and never tell you much about the stock which I use.
When I source my beads I have 2 main objectives – colour and quality and Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads offer me all of that and more! They manufacture an amazing range of beads in different shapes, sizes and finishes which offers me as an artist an amazing palette to work with.

This is one of my first designs which uses a medley of 12 different size 8 Rocaille (round) beads- most are translucent but some are opaque which adds to the sculptural look of this Garland necklace which is now in Jersey – another Garland necklace in a different colour scheme is in the USA . Beaders often ask me how I made this design and maybe one day I will write it up as a project and reveal my secrets πŸ™‚

Here is another of my early designs photographed to show you the textures- this one only uses around 8 different beads but I hope you can see how the mix of translucent and opaque beads adds to the overall look of this piece.

Recently I have been coming up with ideas which stitch up faster in order to keep the price more affordable and I came up with this design for my Slinky bracelets and earrings.

Although the same design has been used notice how much more textured the multi coloured ones are compared to the ruby red one which uses just one shade, which is why when I was asked by a customer on Holland to make her an orange one I knew I could rely on my Preciosa supplier to have a great range of oranges and I was not disappointed… here are the matching earrings I made her

What is even more exciting for me as a bead artist are the latest addition to the range –
PRECIOSA TWINβ„’ are 2 hole beads which open up amazing new design possibilities which I have been experimenting with but you will have to wait for another post to see those – aren’t I a tease ?