Tripods and Tumblers

My tripod arrived today and I have had a play with it. A thank you to friends on the UK Beaders Forum for help and advice as to be honest I had no idea what technical terms I needed to look for. I am quite impressed with the improvements in my pictures so far but I know I have a long way to go. I really need to order a Kodak battery for my camera as currently I am using other rechargeables and they only last for about 20 shots and then it’s a long wait until they are recharged. I found the other 2 though so with 4 on the go I should get enough shots to play with before I get bored.
The picture with the seagrass background was taken with the tripod, the other without. I know the backgrounds can make a difference but I’m sure the tripod one is better in terms of depth and definition

I have also loaded the tumbler with more beads today. I bought it just before Christmas and initially I was disappointed with the results I was getting, but yesterday decided to try some of the duller tumbled stones alongside highly polished ones. Here are the results of that using Tree Agate.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle an idea I have had in my head for some time – I have a string of Black Banded Agate . … whoppers they are, and I have just sat gloating over them for a few weeks now. They are absolutely beautiful and I just hope I do them justice.