The Unexpected Delights of Batik

Last weekend it was Coastival here in Scarborough and the town was packed with arty activities , all of which were free. I opened the Studio and invited visitors to take part in a collaborative batik experiment . I have to say I am totally in awe in what was collectively created and also thrilled that one person enjoyed it so much she has bought all she needs to get into the art of batik.

Here are pictures of the finished pieces but keep scrolling down to watch the video of the transitions made during their creation.

Coastival 2017 Batik 1 Coastival 2017 Batik 4Coastival 2017 Batik 1
Coastival 2017 Batik 3

The plan is to cut these into pieces and mount them in card and then sell each piece – £1 of each sale will got to Scarborough Disability Action Group. Prices will be decided once they are mounted – I have yet to decide where to cut and i suspect some will be larger than others.

For the transition here’s the video of the stages each went through. I hope you enjoy