The Photograph Story

I mentioned a few days ago that I had a photographic encounter times two, so here is that little story. I finally got around to taking in Passport photos for my travel pass upgrade. The weather was abysmal and I entered the Travel Office cold, wet and bundled up with my hood up.
“Oh” said the immaculately groomed assistant, “The system has changed now we take your picture using this” as she pointed her manicured nails at the small camera on her desk.
“Oh!” says I, I must look a right mess all windswept and bundled up”.
“That’s not my place to comment” said the assistant. I took off my glasses and wiped the snowflakes off them with the bottom of my jumper, and brushed my hair through with my fingers.
“Is that any better?” I asked, smiling at her.
“That’s not my place to comment” said the assistant!!!
I stood there staring into the lens, refusing to smile when told I had permission to do so and left as soon as I possibly could.
My next port of call was Asda and that jaunt did nothing to lift my mood – I won’t bore you with the detail except to say that you can have a small poly bag to put fruit and veg in, as many free carriers as you like, but no small poly bag for expensive birthday cards! When I got back to the car I sat there for a while and as I did a guy walked past who I knew from years back. When I came back to Barnsley in 1972 I went out with him for 3 weeks. I can’t say I actually smiled at him but I did half acknowledge him.
I put the keys in the ignition, pulled on my seat belt and was just about to reverse out when I saw him come back to the side of the car. I wound the window down and he said “I know you don’t I”, to which I answered affirmatively. He then handed me a photograph and told me he had kept it in his wallet all these years. To say my gob was smacked is an understatement. This is the photo which is actually nice and clear- I think my hand must have been shaking as I took it on my phone. Umm I guess I made an impression on him .

PS I refuse to show you my Travel pass picture it is even worse than I ever thought possible lol