St Mary’s Church Scarborough

St Mary’s Church Scarborough is where Anne Bronte is buried and how apt her poem transcribed below


 In Memory of a Happy Day in February
Blessed be Thou
for all the joy My soul has felt to-day!
Oh, let its memory stay with me,
And never pass away!
I was alone,
for those I loved Were far away from me;
The sun shone on the withered grass,
The wind blew fresh and free.
Was it the smile of early spring
That made my bosom glow?
‘Twas sweet;
but neither sun nor wind
Could cheer my spirit so.
Was it some feeling of delight
All vague and undefined?
No; ’twas a rapture deep and strong,
Expanding in the mind.
Was it a sanguine view of life,
And all its transient bliss,
A hope of bright prosperity?
Oh, no! it was not this.
It was a glimpse of truth divine
Unto my spirit given,
Illumined by a ray of light
That shone direct from heaven.
I felt there was a God on high,
By whom all things were made;
I saw His wisdom and His power
In all his works displayed.
But most throughout the moral world,
I saw his glory shine;
I saw His wisdom infinite,
His mercy all divine.
Deep secrets of His providence,
In darkness long concealed,
Unto the vision of my soul
Were graciously revealed.
But while I wondered and adored
His Majesty divine,
I did not tremble at His power:
I felt that God was mine;
Anne Bronte