School Batik Project Part 1

I have had the privilege of working with students at Springhead  School in Scarborough to create 3 batik banners to be displayed in the school. At my initial meeting we discussed what the school wanted to achieve and we agreed that we would work towards a banner to be displayed each term, so Spring Summer and Autumn became our focus.

Staff sent me photos of the children’s art work and I laid down the initial layer of wax based on their ideas and a very weak colour wash to guide the initial development.  After each of my 3 sessions with the school I brought the banners back to the Studio to add more wax.

My input is now over as the children are going to now work on adding the detail to the banners although I did make a few pieces to get them started – I was rather pleased with my beaded bee and owl, although my attempt at a ladybird looks more like a red and black leaf!  Thomas set me a massive challenge week 2 as he requested a crab! I think I passed that test as they recognised it as such. I don’t have photos of them but once the pieces are finished you will get to see them.

I just wish to thank all the staff and students at Springhead School as I had an amazing time with many magical moments as the children got so engrossed in adding to these collaborative pieces- with the exception of one child who was away from school ill, everyone  contributed .


Unfinished batik project at Springhead School Scarborough