Repairing and Memories

I was at the studio on Friday and someone I met at the Art in the Park Weekend came along to buy something. (I just realised that I never blogged about the Art in the Park weekend grr it was amazing – but watch this space as I have a cunning plan , irons in the fire etc  and I will let you all know about nearer the time) She also wanted to know if I did repairs , which of course I do , and I was able to repair some  earrings for her as she was browsing the latest exhibition I have at the studio –  Summer Lovin’ (another grrrr as I didn’t blog about that either) The other repair was not going to be as easy or quick as she left me a tangled mess of thread containing 13 red/orange beads, which are precious as her boyfriend had bought them for her. Amusingly on the mess of my table at the studio was an open box of red and orange bugle beads and we laughed at how apt they would be with her beads. I brought them all home and spent yesterday afternoon re building a necklace from the recovered beads. I added some Fire Opal Swarovskis which were under the kitchen table (another untold story) and here is the result-

I also repaired some beads for Pete which is a regular occurrence as he never takes his off and sleeps and showers in them and is bemused when they need fixing.
My last repair job was for my friend Helen who now lives in Canada – we have been friends for more than 40 years although rarely see each other now. But a test of true friendship is just picking up where you left off and on the rare times we do meet it’s as if the years have melted away and we are as easy and comfortable with each other as we were way back when we began our friendship.

This was us back in 2008 when we met up for her dad’s 80th birthday – of course we had to have the photo taken with Eric Morecambe’s statue ! The beads belonged to her Aunt Edith and whilst not expensive ones have a great sentimental value. As I sat there yesterday afternoon deciding how to restring them and then actually doing so, I played back in my mind the happy memories of all those years ago. I am off to the Post Office to send them back to Canada tomorrow but Helen asked me to take a photo before I did – haha how impatient
So Helen, here are Aunt Edith’s beads  –  restrung and re designed- enjoy 🙂