Rambling on About Reiki and Hugs

Today I had an amazing opportunity to ramble on about Reiki and boy did I wax on about it. A few months ago I received an email from a 3rd Year Medical Student . As part of the training they have a 6 week block where they can choose to do anything and she had decided to investigate Complimentary Therapies. She asked would I be prepared to meet with her and discuss my experiences of Reiki and naturally I agreed.
Now anyone who knows me is aware I can talk for England when the subject is healing but I had decided to be led by her questioning because I wanted to come at the subject from her perspective.
We covered an amazing array of topics which included the following:

  • What motivated you to become an active Reiki practitioner?
  • How does healing occur?
  • What part does the placebo effect have?
  • What part does the mind play in bringing about healing?
  • Where does the energy come from?
  • What part do we play in creating our own illness?

We also touched upon the Legal and Ethical issues around healing and discussed spiritual matters, religions, positive thinking, the power of prayer,stem cells and Quantum Physics!
Now of course many of my responses were drawn from experience, speculation, knowledge,ideas or educated guesses but what was wonderful was, that despite our different starting points eg science versus alternative, we had so much agreement. In fact we both had a good laugh when we spoke about the Placebo effect because I said “Well regardless of whether we are practicing Reiki or medicine, if it is the Placebo effect and healing occurs then bring it on!
As with all discussions about healing though I always talk about the healing power of touch, an ability we all have but that many of us don’t ever think about. If you bang your elbow what do you do after you have cursed? You hold it. If you have stomach ache what do you do? You hold your stomach. If a child falls down and hurts their knee what do you do? You rub it better- and all of these actions reduce pain don’t they?
When I was studying for my first degree I included Social Psychology and recall reading some research from the 1930s. The study was about infant mortality in Orphanages as babies were dieing at an alarming rate for no apparent physical reason. A simple change was made and the babies began to survive. This simple change was to simply hug and nurse the babies. Powerful hugs eh?
I’m just reflecting back on the subjects we discussed today and wondering “Wow! How did I get to be so wise?” And the answer is simple really. I took my time along the healing path, I practiced lots, I questioned all I experienced and I read and studied widely. But don’t let me saying this put you off pursuing it yourself. The key reason for me saying this is this; if you ever see a Course advertised offering to make you a Reiki Master in a weekend then think twice.

Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.
Melody Beattie