Well, I have had a very productive week all in all, which is great after weeks, months even of stagnation. I need to prepare for the South Yorkshire Open Arts Festival as my work is being exhibited as part of it. Officially it is 3rd to 5th of May but my work is already within the gallery at Swinton Lock and it’s time to totally change the display there.
When I first started making jewellery I was a bit of a purist and only made items with one gemstone or crystal. Of course, this was because it was the healing properties of the stones which was my key interest. However, since then I have become more adventurous combining the stones in more creative ways. I particularly like this combination of small Amethyst nuggets teamed with tiny chips of Peridot – it reminds me of the crocus.

I stripped down the Black Banded Agate which I showed you here a few days ago and came up with this combination, teamed up with Mother of Pearl and some rounds of the Black Banded Agate

The next image shows some examples which are a total shift for me- talk about funky!
These are a range of dyed shell and jade. The 2 on the right look much nicer on as the shells fan out and strut their stuff more. The green stones on the 2 on the right remind me of Tutti Fruttis.

I think my favorite of this week’s production is this next one which is Calcite, Peridot and Orange Moonstone. The Calcite had originally been teamed with Bali Silver spacers but I prefer it as it is now.

I thought I would close with another quote – I collect quotes….. and dust lol. I have a good dust story but will save that for another time

“Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you.”

— Og Mandino