Odds and Sods and Catching Up

I thought I’d take time out to fill you in on what I have been up to recently, which seems a bit of this, a bit of that and the odd bit of the other. One interesting thing that happened was I was interviewed as part of The Great British Craft Tour. Tjobbe and Rosie are a young couple, touring the UK in a VW Campervan with their lovely labrador Gizmo, in search of the best of British Crafters. I applied to be considered ages ago and have to confess I thought the visit was going to be a virtual one. Imagine my surprise when I got a call to ask if I would be available the next day! We spent a good bit of time talking and discussing my work and a few days later the interview was posted on the site. You can see what they said about my work here. People have also left some lovely comments too which have made me all warm inside.

I spent a day making Hatpins, around 70 in total and each one unique. Olivia, My Granddaughter came round yesterday and spent most of the day with me, suggesting variations for the Hatpins. She spent hours sorting my bead tin out. I have a biscuit tin which I throw all my odd beads in , rather like the Button Tins our Grans used to have. I used to have one myself although I think I gave it to Laura years ago. She used to spend hours playing with the buttons, just as I recall doing the same with ours when I was a kid. The thought just struck me that even after I have passed away these thoughts I place here on my Blog will be able to be rummaged through by my children and grandchildren, in the same way we rummage through bead tins or button tins. What a lovely thought.

Whilst I was engrossed with the Hatpins I was for a moment unaware what Olivia was up to, until she went “Tadaaaaaa”. She had strung 40 strings of beads around her neck and it was such a lovely sight I got the camera out and took a picture of her . I just love the happy look on her face, it’s one she shows me so often whenever we are together.

There has been zero interest in the sale of the house, which of course is pivotal to my dream becoming a reality. I realise the state of the market and to some extent we have to ponder what part the media has played in feeding the fear. But given that each Estate Agent is selling one house per week I believe one week soon that will be mine. The details of it are here if you have £1o3k to spare. I plan to update the Reiki Gallery site later today so you might want to pop over there and see the latest bit on that score.

I am also helping Andrea update her website at BrevonArt. We met up last Monday and did some work on it and also found time to go out for lunch. I really need to get the last few changes made too. It felt so weird being in a pub, it seems so long since I was in one . I really do need to get out more!

I also met up with an old friend last week too and it was so lovely. I don’t think I have told you yet how I walked out of my job – that in itself is a massive story so I will save all the details for another time. For now it is enough to say that my health was so bad that i just had to do it! At the time I was Head of an Adult Education Centre and 2 weeks off an ALI inspection (OFSTED equivalent for adults) If you ever select a time to walk then I couldn’t have chosen a worse time for the staff who were all highly committed to their work and wonderful people too. For months I tortured myself with thoughts of “What do they think of me”. Obviously as time went on I dismissed these thoughts as I know for me I had done the right thing. I had none of these thoughts in my mind when I bumped into Anne who when she saw me hugged me, kissed me, let me go and then did it all over again. We went for coffee and caught up on all that had happened since those days and we plan to get together again soon.
And on that note I will end this post and go do some more odds and sods and stuff.