In Print again

Once again I am in print with a feature in Issue 68 of  Craft Business . I was interviewed by Beth,  the Editor,  a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows me will be aware I can talk, especially on a subject close to my heart and boy did I talk !
I kept saying “Oops Beth we won’t be able to use this bit” as I spoke of my tears and sadness when I see the mass produced jewellery piled high in certain retail outlets. When you know how long it takes to create a piece it is difficult not to be sad when you ponder what the wages are of the poor people who make those earrings that retail at £1.50!

But then I also see UK designers grossly underselling themselves and want to say “Don’t undervalue yourself” I make the point in this article that for every hour we spend creating there has to be 40 hours of “business stuff”
Mind you I plan to do just that tomorrow  at  a Garden Party for carers in Doncaster . I was asked to have a table there and plan to give them some bargains – carers are so vastly undervalued too you see 🙂