Happy Birthday Laura

Today it is my daughter Laura’s birthday. It’s hard to believe she is 32 it makes me feel old haha. I went up to see her for an hour this afternoon. She must have 50 cards and got loads of presents too, including some walking socks and a book about the 3 Peaks.
I love the fact that she has now got back into real walking, something which I introduced both her and Mark to when they were younger. I remember at the time they didn’t always appear as willing participants, but when they talk about it all now it seems they did enjoy it after all.

The first holiday we had together after I got divorced from their Dad was camping in Austwick in the North Yorkshire Dales. We would spend the day out walking and in the evenings go up to the pub where Mick was chef, to eat his glorious food and spend an hour chatting with him after his shift was over.
I had a Mini at the time and remember packing the car the night before we set off and as I climbed into bed felt quite proud that I had managed to pack a 6 berth tent and all the required tackle for a week’s camping. And it was then that the thought struck me – “How do I fit me and 2 kids in that car?” Needless to say we managed it and arrived at the site before the other campers were up and about. One guy would not believe me when I said that I had brought it all in and on the Mini.
One of my all time favourite walks is in North Yorkshire and it’s the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk. I don’t know of any other 4 and a half mile walk that packs so much diversity of scenery into it. Incidentally, it’s probably the first real walk I ever did too as we visited the area on a Geography Trip when I was at Morecambe Grammar School.
Today at Laura’s as we looked at her book I mentioned that I had done 2 out of the 3 which surprised her in a way but I don’t know why. I have walked massive parts of the Lake District, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Northumberland and many bits and pieces of other parts of the country. I think it’s fair to say though I am unlikely to achieve the Third Peak of Ben Nevis – she will have to take lots of pictures to share with me.
The camping in Austwick was supposed to be for a week but I woke up on the Thursday morning, made myself coffee and thought “I don’t think i can take another day of these 2 arguing and performing” so after coffee i woke them up, unplugged the airbeds and told them we were going home early.