Dandelions and Displays

As I sit here the wind is howling and hail is lashing the windows and I am thinking to myself do I really want to talk about my personal sign of Spring? However, as I have been musing since the sighting this morning I will carry on regardless.
I had to drive to town today as Blaize, our Border Lakeland terrier (sic) was booked in for a full grooming session. I say (sic) because she was the runt of the litter and is about a quarter of the size usual for the breed. She also has an undershot jaw so it was quite amusing when as a pup the vet asked would she be spayed or did we intend to breed from her. I have to say the vet was very professional, even when I burst out laughing and asked “Well would you ? ”
As I was edging out of the village in the usual traffic jam to get onto the road into town I saw my first dandelion of the year. Now I know they are classed as weeds but if you ever stop to really look at one you will begin to see how beautiful they really are. First of all we have the vivid colour – you don’t get much sassier than this vibrant yellow flower. Secondly we have the beautiful symmetry of the petals which form the head of the flower, and I guess thirdly we also have the fun of playing “What time is it?” once the petals fade to the seed head.
Dandelions are special to me for another reason too. They are part of the precious memories I have of my Mam. I say precious because she passed just before my 4th birthday. I used to pick her handfuls and she would always warn me that I may wet the bed. I suppose with the wisdom of my age I can see how that could be so as they are a natural diuretic. I also used to pick daisies and she showed me how to make daisy chains and we would sit in the park adorning each other with garlands. What is it with Mams and flowers? I can’t look at bluebells without thinking of her too. Beautiful memories. There is another wildflower which I am unsure of the proper name- it was known colloquially as Mother Die. When I was about 9 I was obsessed that maybe I had picked some and that was why she had died.

After I dropped Blaize at the groomers I went and cruised the charity shops in town and found an interesting gizmo which I thought I may be able to use to display earrings on. I am always on the lookout for alternatives to professional displays which I can’t afford – 20p was within my budget . I have no idea what its original purpose was, if it had one at all haha and I am sure it will look better filled with earrings but these are all I have here at the moment.
I just did a quick search and the Mother Die is called Queen Anne’s Lace . I found this interesting website about wildflowers which I will explore later.

I also found the perfect quote for today too.

“This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow.” Margaret Lindsey