Creating memories

For one single moment
my heart sank as I stood on that spot
where ideas were formulated
My first time alone there
a flash of sadness at what was lost
But then other memories came flooding back
Of bubble costumes
and sand between the toes
and thighs scratched by donkey’s flanks
and ice creams dripping down my arm
and Pacamacs and rain hoods
which also scratched
and first dates –  two in fact.
Older and allegedly wiser now
I recognise that this is a tapestry
On which to weave my new memories
And already some are being woven in there
Of places and people
And friendship
I will dig deep into my box
and find the brightest most vibrant threads
and choose them wisely
Not rushing to create a scene
But building it slowly and surely
And eternally
© Christine Rose Linacre 8 March 2012