Awards and Foxgloves

I was made so happy today when I was reading Kerrie’s Blog to read that she had been offered an Award for “sharing beauty, love and joy” . Imagine my delight to read on and find out that she in turn had Awarded one to me. I was deeply touched , especially after receiving sad news today. Kathleen, my cousin Ken’s wife passed away with cancer. She was a lovely person, so gentle and kind and my heart goes out to Ken and his family. Times like this make us realise how privileged we are to know so many beautiful people.
I am quite new myself to Blogging and to be honest all the other blogs I read are also beaders. Here are my nominations for the Award in no specific order:

  • Beads by Angie– I love Angie’s work and she was soooooo helpful when I was struggling to add a slideshow here
  • Beadangles Jewellery – I have met Alison a couple of times at UK Beaders’ get togethers. Her blog is always interesting and her snippets on wildlife are lovely .
  • Coburg Crafts – Lesley’s blog is always a good read and I aspire to take pictures as good as she does
  • Gemwaith Nia – I am enjoying following the development of Nia’s dairy conversion. Nia is another ace photographer too
  • and finally I have to reciprocate with Kerrie Slade whose obsession with Foxgloves has also got me seed beading !

It seems that this year foxgloves are the flowers that are all the rage and this one is truly amazing
I took this picture this afternoon when Raegan, my 9 year old Granddaughter was here. It has to be over 5 foot tall and still growing. When it started growing in the spring I was wondering what it could be as the leaves were enormous and didn’t look anything like the rest of the foxgloves dotted around the back garden – the more usual sized ones are peeking in the shade behind the monster.
Last summer I gave Raegan a cutting off my Money plant and she was telling me today how it was thriving. She was a little disappointed that it wasn’t yet as big as my own so I sat and had a little chat with her. I suggested that when she has children that she gives them a cutting off hers, who in turn can give a cutting to their children etc. She looked up at me and smiled at the idea .

Whether you tend a garden or not, you are the gardener of your own being, the seed of your destiny.
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