All things in the world are two

Quite some time ago I put out a plea to all my crafter friends as we were searching for a jeweller who could combine 2 rings to create one new one.

These were the rings in question. The one on the right was Pete’s Grandad’s 21st birthday cygnet ring and the one on the left belonged to his dad.¬† He had worn his Grandad’s ring since inheriting it but when he also imherited his dad’s ring he had the idea of having one combined ring.
My requests on the forums were unsuccessful but a few weeks ago , quite by chance on facebook I found Linda of Wiccan Wear who is based in Dewsbury ,about 15 miles from where we live.
We contacted Linda and arranged to meet her on the Sunday and discussed  potentials and possibilities . We left quite excited as it was evident that we had found someone who knew what she was doing. Several emails , phonecalls and weeks later we went through to collect the finished article which is simply beautiful.

The outside is engraved with a Totem, designed by Linda from animals which Pete wanted including – inside is the quote

All things in the world are two
Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee