A First Attempt at Wire Work

About 2 years ago my friend Marca gave me a book on wirework and to date the only thing I ever used from it was how to make a perfect loop.
Today however I was determined to spend all my time working with wire, so this morning after 2 mugs of coffee I set about to make a necklace.
I used copper wire bought from Maplin’s at just over £5 for 250g – it seems very reasonable to me.
It took me about 5 hours to make so if I plan to sell designs like this then I need to get up to speed. This is what I created. It is Black Banded Agate and each bead is absolutely awesome.
The clasp can’t be seen easily on the picture but it is an S Hook with a round Black Banded Agate bead at its centre.
I am now wearing it to test out the integrity of the construction – well I am also wearing it as I absolutely love it and this one is for me. I feel that I need lots of practice before I use Sterling Silver wire but one thing I learned from today was that it would be better to wrap all the beads and then do all the connecting pieces.
I was making them alternatively and because this is all new to me I had to really think which way I was supposed to be wrapping my figures of 8.
In order to reduce waste I was working off the reel and this seemed to work well . I have a real thing about wastage, especially when we are working with the world’s natural resources.
I really enjoyed making this and then remembered I had some stone donuts upstairs .
I have had them ages and to be honest was beginning to think I would sell them as I had not had the inspiration of what to do with them.
Here are the results of my little play about.

I think they are cool and funky.