3 Commissions

A friend in America has asked me to make her 3 necklaces with 3 different stones – Fluorite, Labradorite and Azurite. She has chosen them for the properties of each stone. I went to the warehouse on Monday and scoured every string of each stone to get the best quality . I was not as successful as I had hoped because the Labradorite did not have the amount of blue flashes I was seeking although it is a very deceiving stone and seems to flash blue with movement and I couldn’t capture that on camera. The heart is Labradorite and the length of the necklace is alternating Quartz Crystal and Labradorite chips.
I was more successful with the Fluorite and found a string which was representative of the wide range of colours and formations seen in Fluorite, including blue! Again I have used Quartz Crystal chips to enhance the Fluorite and to keep the cost more affordable.
Azurite proved to be much more problematic as it was only available in conjunction with Malachite – it naturally is found like this. However I blanched when I saw the price for a string of tiny 6mm round beads and decided that my friend was unlikely to want them at such a cost. I would be nervous of ordering such rare beads online as so much out there in Webland is dyed Howlite, which is fine if you are made aware of that when you buy, but sadly many sellers don’t enlighten you.
I totally trust the company I use and it is always clear what process has been used on the stock so rather than come home empty handed I bought 2 strings of Howlite which is dyed Azurite and Malachite. My friend may not want what I made but that’s not a problem as I am sure the necklace will sell to someone else.
Just for the record the properties of the stones are as follows:
Azurite: Intuitive energy, dreams, healing, insight, stilling the mind, concentration, self transformation.
Fluorite: Stability, impartial reasoning, responsibility, concentration, health.
Labradorite: Alignment, spiritual connection, transformation, clarity, peace, progression, discernment.
Howlite: Awareness,calm, emotional expression, observation,patience, eliminating negativity
Crystal Quartz: Intensifying energy, spiritual development, healing, raising consciousness.